The following is a list of the wars known to have taken place in the The Disunited States of America alternate. Because they are usually only mentioned in passing, with limited hints as to casus belli, belligerents, duration, and outcome, they have not been given individual entries nor this wiki's usual in-universe descriptions.

The War of 1812 (possibly similar to the OTL War)
The War of 1833
The First Northeastern War
The Second Northeastern War 1837, Massachusetts annexed Rhode Island.
The Third Northeastern War
The Rocky Mountain War; which saw Deseret establish its independence.
The First Ohio-Virginia War
The Three States' War
The First Black Insurrection; a revolt of Negroes in Virginia.
The Great War; an analog of World War I, wherein different North American states sided with either the British or the Prussians and fought against each other, resulting in a more terrible war.
The Second Black Insurrection; a second revolt of Negroes in Virginia.
The Atlantic War
The War of the Three Emperors, circa 1947, in which Russia was a participant, and Tsaritsyn was the site of an apocalyptic battle. Possibly an analog of World War II.
The Florida Intervention; Florida was partitioned into three areas, the southernmost was annexed to Cuba.
Ohio-Virginia War of 2097, much of the novel takes place in this war.

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