Fictional Character
Roxolan Stories
Set in the Future
Appearance(s): "Herbig-Haro"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Zanat
Occupation: military officer
Affiliations: Slayor expedition

Liosh was an officer with the Zanat military expedition to Slayor. He was a contact officer, skilled at learning alien languages and conducting negotiations. During the expedition, a strange ship was spotted nearby and forced to land on Slayor. Liosh met with Erasmus Chang, its pilot, and began negotiations.

Through hand gestures, Liosh convinced Chang to accompany him to a spaceport building. There, he led Chang to a furnished room which was reserved for his sole use, although it was guarded on the outside by Zanat soldiers. There he taught Chang his language and began what looked like conversations with him but was, in fact, a skillful interrogation that sought information without giving much in return.