Liberating Atlantis  
Author Harry Turtledove
Cover artist Steve Stone
Language English
Series Atlantis
Genre(s) Alternate History
Publisher Roc
Publication date December, 2009
Preceded by The United States of Atlantis
Liberating Atlantis (Roc, December 2009) is the third and final volume of the Atlantis series. It is set in 1852, over 70 years after the events of The United States of Atlantis, and depicts the Atlantean Servile Insurrection (mentioned in passing in "The Scarlet Band") and the end of slavery in Atlantis.

Harry Turtledove here breaks with the series' previous practice of having Atlantean events closely mirror American ones. While the events of "Nouveau Redon" in Opening Atlantis parallel the French and Indian War, and those of United parallel the American Revolution, the war in this volume is not an obvious analog of the American Civil War. Rather, the Insurrection is similar to John Brown's original intent for a general uprising across the Southern US; i.e. the slaves freeing themselves without waiting for the Federal government to grant emancipation, resulting in the Southern aristocracy begging the Northern government for protection rather than seceding into a Confederacy.

Similar works by other authorsEdit

Terry Bisson's Fire on the Mountain (1988), which has an 1859 break-point, follows a 1959 slice-of-life in the Afrocentric nation which seceded from the U.S. under John Brown's leadership, and reached a technologically advanced utopia far ahead of OTL.