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Leipzig is, with a population of over 510,200, the largest city in the federal state of Saxony, Germany. During the Cold War, it was part of East Germany. Leipzig later played a significant role in instigating the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, through events which took place in and around St. Nicholas Church. Since the reunification of Germany, Leipzig has undergone significant change with the restoration of some historical buildings, the demolition of others, and the development of a modern transport infrastructure

Leipzig in In the Presence of Mine EnemiesEdit

A Leipzig victory in a football match led to a riot in Milan because the hometeam's goal was blocked on an offside call. The German Federation of Sport reacted by demanding an apology from their Italian counterparts and withdrew from competition with teams from the Italian Empire until the issue was resolved.[1]

Leipzig in Joe SteeleEdit

Leipzig was part of the Soviet-dominated East Germany after World War II. In his Red Curtain Speech (written by Charlie Sullivan), President Joe Steele described how "from Leipzig to Sapporo", Soviet hegemony, a "red curtain" had fallen over a quarter of the world.[2]