Laurium or Lavrio (Modern Greek: Λαύριο, classical Greek: Λαύριον; before early 11th century BC: Θορικός Thorikos; from Middle Ages until 19th century: Εργαστήρι Ergastiri) is a town in southeastern part of Attica, Greece. It is the seat of the municipality of Lavreotiki. Laurium was famous in Classical antiquity for silver mining, which was one of the chief sources of revenue of the Athenian state. The metallic silver was mainly used for coinage. It is a sea port of much less importance than nearby Piraeus.

Laurium in "Counting Potsherds" Edit

Shortly after the conquest of Yauna by Khsrish I the Conqueror, the silver mines in Laurium struck a particularly rich lode of silver. Some 400 years later the mines were still producing a talent of silver (about 40 to 50 pounds) per month. Polydoros speculated that if the big lode had been discovered before the Khsrish came, then perhaps the natives would have been able to afford to build sufficient ships to defeat them. Mithredath dismissed this as wishful thinking.[1]


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