Fictional Character
"Of Mice and Chicks"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Soldier
Relatives: Hugo (uncle)

Lani was a simple-minded but strong warrior-for-hire who traveled with her friend Georgia through various fiefdoms. Georgia and Lani got involved as mercenaries in stock grazing wars between various feudal lords. They hoped to earn enough money to open their own rabbit farm, as warriors typically rode on giant rabbits. Lani's prime weakness was that, whenever they were in a good situation, she would do something stupid like fall in love with someone (of either gender) who turned out to be nothing but trouble, jeopardizing the duo's progress.

Literary commentEdit

Lani is based on Lennie Small, one of the two primary protagonists of John Steinbeck's novella/play Of Mice and Men (1936).

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