The Lagoas-Sibiu Wars were a series of wars between these two maritime nations, fought several centuries before the Derlavaian War. The wars, motivated by mercantile rivalry and carried out mainly by the two countries' respective navies, ended with a decisive Lagoan victory - leaving Lagoas as a major military and economic world power while Sibiu was relegated to a secondary position in world affairs.

Though in later times Lagoas and Sibiu were drawn together by the growing threat of Algarve, the bitterness and distrust engendered by their earlier enmity had not entirely dissipated. This had a part in the alienation felt by Sibian exiles such as Cornelu when they were forced to seek refuge in Lagoas.

Editorial NoteEdit

The Lagoas-Sibiu Wars are an analogue of the Anglo-Dutch Wars of the 17th Century, which culminated with the decline of the Netherlands and the rise of the British Empire.