Kyot of Unkerlant
Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Into the Darkness
Out of the Darkness
Type of Appearance: Posthumous references throughout
Nationality: Unkerlant
Cause of Death: Boiled in Oil
Occupation: Monarch of Unkerlant (pretender)
Relatives: Swemmel (brother)

Kyot was the twin brother of Swemmel of Unkerlant. After Swemmel's predecessor died, both Swemmel and Kyot claimed the throne. The result was the Twinkings War, which devastated Unkerlant.

Although Kyot's faction held the capital, Cottbus, and Kyot granted Zuwayza its independence in an effort to free up more troops to fight Swemmel, his armies were eventually beaten. Kyot himself was captured and publicly executed by Swemmel; the 'usurper' was boiled alive in a cauldron of oil.

A generation later, Marshal Rathar reflected that despite his horrific end Kyot had been no different from Swemmel, and doubted that Unkerlant would have been any better off had Kyot won instead.