Kwopillot is a term applied to sexual deviants in modern Foitani civilizations. They take advantage of the responsiveness of the Foitan genome to engineering to live their whole lives as either male or female. They are present on every Foitani colony to survive the Suicide Wars, and since all the survivors are vodranet, they find that they admit pheromones which drive the vodranet into killing frenzies. They are brutally executed in all vodran societies.

Because of the dark ages which encompassed all modern Foitani civilizations after the Suicide Wars, it was not known until around 3000 that single-sexed life is indeed the natural life cycle of the Foitani, that the Great Ones were all "kwopillot," and that it was the vodranet ancestors of modern Foitani who were originally deviant. This was learned when a squadron of Great Ones who had been in suspended animation since the Suicide Wars were discovered, revived, and found to be kwopillot. Hostilities with their discoverers were immediately resumed, though a rapproachment which may have eventually led to an era of mutual tolerance was reached through the intercession of Jennifer Logan.

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