Kussaran Woodworker
Fictional Character
Set in the 22nd Century
Type of Appearance: Direct (unnamed)
Species: Kussaran
Occupation: Woodworker

Ramon Castillo bartered with a woodworker in Kussara. The woodworker had to consult his god, Kadashman before accepting Castillo's offer. When Castillo asked who the woodworker was speaking to, the woodworker confirmed that it was Kadashman.

Steward-King Pitkhanas and priest Radus-piyama happened to pass at this time, and heard Castillo's admission that he'd never heard any god speak to him. Radus-piyama, who was suspicious of the "Terrajin", offered that remark to Pitkhanas as proof of the Terrajin's "accursed" nature.

Castillo recorded the encounter, and reviewed it with psychologist Helga Stein and linguist Xing Mei-lin.