Kula (Bulgarian: Кула, "tower") is a town in northwestern Bulgaria. It is the administrative centre of Kula Municipality part of Vidin Province. Located just east of the Serbian-Bulgarian border, near the Roman ruins of Castra Martis it is the third largest town in the province after Vidin and Belogradchik. Kula lies 30 km west of Vidin and 13 km east of the border checkpoint at Vrashka Chuka. As of December 2009, the town has a population of 3287 inhabitants.

Kula in "The Bleeding MoonEdit

Kula was a village near Gramada in Bulgaria. During the reign of the Turks, bad blood developed between Kula and Gramada when a young girl from the former married a young boy from the latter without her parents' approval. The men of Kula, angered by this disrespectful act, murdered a young Gramada man named Todor, catching him in the woods while he was hunting, and slitting his throat.

Unknown to the people of Kula, Todor's blood gave birth to a vurkolak, which briefly terrorized Gramada. When the people of Gramada drove the vurkolak away, it took up residence near Kula, killing Kula's sheep and bringing general misery.