The Khaganate of Kubrat was founded by a brutal Khamorth clan of the same name who invaded the Empire of Videssos. Kubrat extended on both sides of the Astris River and was a major threat to the Empire. Unlike the other states founded by the descendants of the Khamorth invaders, Khatrish and Thatagush, the Kubrati never adopted the worship of Phos and continued their worship of spirits.

Kubrat existed for three hundred years, raiding Videssos for peasants to enslave and for plunder. They were finally invaded by the savage Halogai force assembled by Harvas Black-Robe and hired by Petronas so he could attack Makuran. Harvas sacked Pliskavos, Kubrat's capital and only real city, and ruled there until Krispos, Avtokrator of Videssos, drove Harvas and the Halogai out and re-annexed Kubrat to Videssos.