Krispos' family:

  • Krispos - peasant from the northern borderlands of Empire of Videssos who became an emperor.
  • Dara - Krispos' wife, empress of Videssos; deceased.
  • Anthimos - Dara's first husband, possibly Phostis's father; Krispos's predecessor as emperor; deceased.
  • Phostis - Krispos' first-born son and heir (paternity uncertain).
  • Evripos - Krispos second-born son.
  • Katakolon - Krispos' third-born son.
  • Mavros - Krispos's foster brother.
  • Olyvria - wife of Phostis, daughter in law of Krispos.
  • Rhisoulphos - father of Dara; Krispos' father-in-law.
  • Phostis - Krispos' father; deceased.
  • Tatze - Krispos' mother; deceased.
  • Evdokia - Krispos' sister; deceased.
  • Kosta - Krispos' sister; deceased.

Unnamed Family MembersEdit

Evdokia married and had an unknown number of children. The names of her husband and children are not known. They were all killed by Rhavas during a preliminary invasion of the Empire of Videssos by the Halogai shortly before Krispos's ascension to the imperial throne; their deaths were one of the factors that led him to challenge Anthimos.

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