Konrad is a German man's name (also common in Poland) meaning "bold counsel". It is spelled Conrad in English-speaking countries where it is also a popular name. In the works of Harry Turtledove, Konrad or Conrad may refer to:

Konrad (Iron Heart), fictional member of the German Freedom Front in The Man With the Iron Heart.
Konrad Adenauer, historical chancellor of West Germany, appearing in The Man With the Iron Heart, also referenced in The Hot War.
Konrad de Buys, one of the Rivington Men in The Guns of the South.
Konrad Henlein, historical Nazi appearing in Hitler's War.
Konrad Jahnke, fictional essayist and minor character in In the Presence of Mine Enemies.
Conrad Rohde, fictional U.S. Army doctor and minor character in Drive to the East.

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