King of West Algarve
Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Out of the Darkness
Type of Appearance: Contemporary references
Nationality: Algarve, later West Algarve
Occupation: Monarch of West Algarve

The King of West Algarve was an Algarvian puppet-ruler who ruled the western portions of the defunct kingdom of Algarve following the end of the Derlavaian War. He was a fat nobleman. Though he was known to have had his differences with King Mezentio, he had served his kingdom in the war, and thus it was hoped that he would be seen as acceptable to Algarvian patriots. However, he was viewed by many as a traitor for his willingness to cooperate with Algarve's enemy, King Swemmel of Unkerlant.

This king was not Swemmel's first choice to govern West Algarve. The Unkerlanters had previously approached a number of other candidates with similar qualifications, including Sabrino, who had refused to cooperate with his country's enemies, and a second man who had declined the throne when he made it clear that he would attempt to exercise more independence as king than the Unkerlanters cared to give him.

Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Algarve
King of West Algarve Succeeded by
Incumbent at series' end