Kime Kelbam
Fictional Character
"Running of the Bulls"
POD: 65 million years ago (?)
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Dunlin
Species: Sentient descendant of the dinosaurs
Occupation: Former soldier

Kime Kelbam was a Dunliner who resided in Ecnarf after serving in a great global war. While he wasn't rich, he was a profligate spender. He became the paramour of fellow Dunlin expat Lady Ett Brashli. The two became somewhat bored with Ecnarf, and decided to see the running of the bulls in Amblona, Astilia. They soon convinced Dubyook expats Baek Jarns and Obert Ohn to come with them. Kelbam knew that Ett had once been in a relationship with Jarns, and could see that Ohn was attracted to Ett, but was quite amenable to the idea of all four making the trip.

While Ohn was able to spend some alone time with Ett, it wasn't enough to convince her to move on from Kelbam. For his own part, Kelbam was tolerant of Lady Ett's fickleness, even when Ohn was playing the part of the jilted lover in Amblona.

Kelbam joined the other three in the running of the bulls. Ohn was crushed to death trying to impress Ett. The other three survived, with Kelbam describing the experience as something to be done once. The three were investigated by Amblonan Captain Sargia, who ultimately concluded that Ohn's death was by misadventure, and released the three back to their holiday.

The three sat in the hotel bar and drank. Jarns realized that a bullfighter named Moremo was at a nearby table with two of his fellow fighters. He also realized that Moremo and Lady Ett had noticed each other, although Kelbam remained oblivious.

Kelbam's profligacy caught up to him in Amblona. At one point, he asked Tonmoya, the owner of the hotel the four were staying in, for a loan. Tonmoya informed Jarns of this when Jarns suggested that he, Ett, and Kelban might pay for the costs of Ohn's cremation.

Literary CommentEdit

Kime Kelbam is based on Mike Campbell, a character in The Sun Also Rises.