Khsrish IV
Fictional Character
"Counting Potsherds"
POD: 483 BCE;
Relevant POD: 480 BCE
Type of Appearance: Contemporary references
Nationality: Persia
Date of Birth: 1st century BC
Date of Death: 1st century BC
Cause of Death: Assassination
Occupation: King of Kings
Parents: Marduniya (father)
Relatives: Khsrish I (ancestor);
Kurash (cousin)

Khsrish IV (pronounced "Xerxes" by Athenians) was the King of Kings of Persia four centuries after the conquest of Yauna by his ancestor, Khsrish I, the "Conqueror". Khsrish IV tasked a eunuch named Mithredath to learn more about the conquest.[1] However, while Mithredath was researching the answer, Khsrish IV was overthrown by his cousin Kurash and slain.[2]


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Regnal titles
(Counting Potsherds)
Preceded by
King of Kings (Shah) of Persia Succeeded by