Khaganate of Khatrish was small kingdom founded in the upheaval following the Khamorth invasion of the Empire of Videssos. It was located eastward of Videssos and south of Thatagush and was bound by the Astris River and the Sailor's Sea. Namdalen lay directly adjacent to Khatrish. Khatrish, more than any other Khamorth state imitated Videssian ways, although in a more irreverent and less stodgy manner than Videssians.

Because of the Khamorth invasion, the worship of Phos was altered in the lands the Khamorth overran. Belief in the Balance of Phos--the view that the final outcome between good and evil cannot be known, that Phos and Skotos are evenly balanced--prevailed in Khatrish. Khatrish was also known for its freewheeling, light cavalry that maneuvered quickly and plied their enemies with arrows.This made their mercenaries invaluable to the Videssian army in the fight against the Yezda. Khatrish sent troops to aid Videssos against Yezd.

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