The Kawanishi H8K was an Imperial Japanese Navy flying
Emily by Hasegawa5
boat used during World War II for maritime patrol duties. The Allied code name for the plane was Emily.

Kawanishi H8K in Days of Infamy Edit

At the same time as the type's predecessor, the Kawanishi H6K was going into service in 1938, the IJN ordered the development of a larger, longer-range patrol aircraft. The result was the Kawanishi H8K which entered production in 1941 and first saw operational use during the retaliatory night attack on San Francisco that followed Doolittle's Raid on Oahu.

Throughout the rest of the war, H8K's were primarily used for anti-submarine warfare around the islands, but also served as reconnaissance aircraft scouring the United States West Coast for any signs of US carriers traveling as far north as Seattle, and as far south as the Panama Canal.

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