The Kawanishi H6K was an Imperial Japanese Navy flying boat used during World War II for maritime patrol duties. The Allied reporting name for the type was "Mavis"; the United States Navy's designation was "Type 97 Large Flying Boat".

The aircraft was designed in response to a Navy requirement of 1933 and incorporated knowledge gleaned by a Kawanishi team that had visited the Short Brothers factory in the United Kingdom, at that time one of the world's leading producers of flying boats. After many tests and prototypes, the final model flew on 14 July 1936 and was originally designated Navy Type 97 Flying Boat, later H6K. Eventually, 217 would be built.

Kawanishi H6K in Days of Infamy Edit

Commander Mituso Fuchida reminisced about the H6K before the attack on San Francisco while flying in the plane's replacement, the Kawanishi H8K. Along with its shorter range and less speed, he bitterly remembered that the H6K was prone to rapidly catching alight when struck by enemy fire; this had been happened to H6Ks that saw combat over the Dutch East Indies and New Guinea.

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