The Kansas City Blues are a former minor league baseball team based in Kansas City, Missouri. The team was one of the eight founding members of the American Association.

The Blues did not field particularly competitive teams unil 1918, when they won the AA pennant. The team won again in 1923, and again in 1929. They won the Junior World Series championship that year, defeating the Rochester Red Wings of the International League in a best-of-nine series.

The team remained relatively successful throughout its time in Kansas City. When the Philadelphia Athletics moved to Kansas City in 1954, the Blues moved to Denver, where they changed their name to the Denver Bears (the name "Blues" having little connection to their new location). After two decades, the Bears became the Denver Zephyrs. In 1992, the franchise moved to New Orleans after the arrival of the Major League Colorado Rockies.

Kansas City Blues in "The House That George Built"Edit

The Kansas City Blues played the Baltimore Orioles in the 1923 Little World Series. During one of the games, Oriole George Ruth was at bat, and was hit by the Blues' pitcher. Ruth got up and promised that he'd hit the next ball out of the park. He didn't, instead being hit in the head. Nonethless, he stood again, and did hit the third pitch out of the park. As he completed his run, he proudly proclaimed "I told you so."

Kansas City Blues in WorldwarEdit

The major league Kansas City Blues were beating the New York Yankees when the world learned that the Race had destroyed Indianapolis with an explosive-metal bomb, and that President Earl Warren had committed suicide in response.

Mickey Mantle was one of the Blues' key players.

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