Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Bridge of the Separator
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Videssian
Religion: Worship of Phos
Cause of Death: Rhavas' sorcery
Occupation: Patriarch of Phos' Temple

Kameniates was the Patriarch of Phos' Temple in the Empire of Videssos during the reign of Maleinos II. He was the sucessor of Neboulos.

Kameniates was not a spectacular character. He had no great orating skills.[1] Instead, he was just seen as a placeholder, with no other visible features.[2] Indeed, being a bureaucratic administrator was one of the only reasons he had risen to this position.

Kameniates was killed by Rhavas[3], who had tricked the patriarch into calling a synod[4] about abandoning the worship of Phos, when the latter casually cursed him while in conversation with his landlord.

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