Junkers JU-86 A1

The Junkers Ju 86 was a German monoplane bomber and civilian airliner designed in the early 1930s, and employed by both sides during World War II. The civilian model Ju 86B could carry 10 passengers. Two were delivered to Swissair and five to Luft Hansa.

Junkers Ju 86 in WorldwarEdit

During World War II, the Ju-86 had been flying over southern England for months, usually above 40,000 feet – so high that Spitfires had enormous trouble climbing up to intercept them. Although it had a good ceiling, it was slow and easy to shoot down once fighters got to it.

While theorising over Pixie Reports, David Goldfarb thought they might be the Ju-86's, but dismissed it because of their slow speed.

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