Julius is a Latin man's name thought to mean either "downy bearded" or "devoted to Jove". Julian is a name meaning "belonging to Julius". In the works of Harry Turtledove, Julius may refer to:

Characters known only as Julius:

Giulio (The Gladiator), repairman in The Gladiator.
Jules (Joe Steele) aka Gyula, fictional restaurateur, minor character in Joe Steele (novel).
Julius (Joe Steele), fictional White House bartender, minor character in Joe Steele (novel).

Characters whose first or middle name is Julius:

Iulio Balbo, a secretary and minor character in Gunpowder Empire.
Julius Caesar, historical leader of the Roman Republic, referenced in numerous Turtledove works.
Fritz-Julius Lemp, historical German submariner, and a POV in The War That Came Early.
Julius Marx aka Groucho Marx, historical comedian referenced in The Man With the Iron Heart and The Big Switch.
J. Robert Oppenheimer, historical physicist referenced in "Joe Steele (story)"/Joe Steele (novel).
Julius Rufus, a merchant and minor character in Household Gods.
J. David Stern, historical publisher referenced in Joe Steele (novel).
Julius Streicher, historical Nazi propagandist referenced in The Man With the Iron Heart and In the Presence of Mine Enemies.

Characters whose first or middle name is Julian:

Julian Jaynes, historical psychologist referenced in "Bluff".
Julian Nesmith, fictional Captain in the US Army, minor character in Settling Accounts: Drive to the East.

Things named for Julius:

Julian Calendar, obsolete meter of chronology used by numerous characters in Turtledove works, and a plot point in Ruled Britannia.

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