Jozef Jablonski
Fictional Character
"Les Mortes dArthur"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Eastern Europe (born in Poland)
Occupation: Athlete

Jozef Jablonski was a competitor in the five-kilometer ski jump at the Sixty-sixth Winter Games on Mimas, a moon of Saturn. He was a big, blonde man of twenty-nine, an air force captain from Gdynia and competing for Eastern Europe. His hobbies included basketball, chess and wargaming. He and Rannveig Aasen, a broadcaster for IBC, began a romance the night after the opening ceremonies.

He was the second jumper during the first day of competition. In his jump, he reached a velocity of 101.74 kph which resulted in a jump of 11,149 meters. During the course of the day's events, some other male jumpers beat this distance but Jablonski remained in contention. The event was halted with a half dozen jumps to go when three athletes were murdered, apparently by the Second Irgun.

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