For the destroyer escort see USS Josephus Daniels.

Josephus Daniels
Historical Figure
Nationality: United States (born in Confederate States)
Date of Birth: 1862
Date of Death: 1948
Cause of Death: Natural Causes
Religion: Protestantism
Occupation: Publisher, Politician
Spouse: Addie Worth Bagley Daniels
Political Party: Democratic Party
Turtledove Appearances:
Southern Victory
POD: September 10, 1862
Appearance(s): Breakthroughs
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference
Political Party: Democratic Party
Josephus Daniels (May 18, 1862 – January 15, 1948) was an American Democratic politician and newspaper publisher from North Carolina, who served as Secretary of the Navy from 1913 to 1921 and as the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico from 1933 to 1941.

During his term as Secretary of the Navy, Daniels implemented policies designed to bring more equality to the U.S. Navy. This was in sharp contrast to the White Supremacist views he espoused in his newspapers.

His father, a ship builder for the Confederacy, was murdered by C.S. troops when he was a child.

Josephus Daniels in Southern VictoryEdit

Josephus Daniels served as Secretary of the Navy during the administration of President Theodore Roosevelt.[1][2] He was the architect of the United States' naval strategy during the Great War.

During the Second Great War, the destroyer escort commanded by Sam Carsten was named in Daniels' honor.[3]


Political offices
Preceded by
George von Lengerke Meyer
United States Secretary of the Navy
Succeeded by
Edwin C. Denby
Political offices
(Southern Victory)
Preceded by
Unknown, last known is Gideon Welles
United States Secretary of the Navy
Succeeded by

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