Fictional Character
"Cayos in the Stream"
POD: c. July, 1942
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Cuba (born in Spain)
Occupation: Fisherman

Josep was a Catalan fisherman who'd fled from Spain to Cuba after the Spanish Civil War. He'd pick a fight with anyone who mocked the Catalan language as a backwoods dialect of Castilian. Ernest Hemingway hired Josep to pilot the Pilar in 1942. While Josep was plainly dubious about Hemingway's scheme to patrol the Cuban coast for German U-boats, he hated Fascists enough agree to go along.

Josep was initially uncertain about Hemingway's plan to go to Cayo Bernardo based purely on "bar talk", but he agreed in the end. Hemingway's instincts were correct: the Pilar did encounter a U-boat. Hemingway and his crew successfully crippled the U-boat, and informed the United States Navy, which sent a PBY to sink it. Josep was more respectful of Hemingway after the U-boat's sinking.

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