Fictional Character
Every Inch a King
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Leon
Religion: Atheism
Occupation: Circus Performer

Jose-Diego were a two-headed man from Leon. The two personalities were diametrically opposed and agreed on next to nothing. Jose, the head on the right side, was a shaved-headed, full-bearded, politically reactionary, meat-loving, pious heterosexual who controlled the extremities on the shared body's left side. Diego, the head on the left side, was a long-haired, clean-shaven, politically radical, vegetarian, atheist homosexual who controlled the shared body's right side. Many of their differences were cultivated by one just to protest the other's.

They worked for Dooger and Cark's Circus until they had an argument during a tour of the Nekemte Peninsula and wound up leaving the circus, though Dooger and Cark continued to advertise them.

Jose-Diego wound up in Peshkepiia when their old circus colleague Otto of Schlepsig was impersonating the King of Shqiperi. They ran into Otto and Max of Witte on the streets of the city, and, not realizing that their old colleagues were impersonating royalty, attempted to make small talk. Otto, fearing that this would betray his secret, ordered the two-headed man arrested and thrown into his dungeon. This effected a rare instance of agreement between Jose and Diego: both came to hate Otto and Max.

Following the discovery of Max's con, Jose-Diego were released from prison. They rode with Hassocki soldiers seeking to capture the fleeing con men. They rode ahead of the Hassocki as Max and Otto prepared to leave Shqiperi in a fishing boat. The two con men managed to tackle and beat the two-headed man, thus neutralizing him, and left Shqiperi, leaving him to talk to Bob.