José is the Spanish and Portuguese form of the given name Joseph, all of which derive from the Hebrew Yossef ("The Lord will increase"). While spelled alike, they are pronounced differently in each language. The Spanish J sounds like the English H, although in some dialects it sounds like a guttural G or K, while the Portuguese J is pronounced like the French J of Jean and Jacques.

In the works of Harry Turtledove, it may refer to:

Monarchs named José:

Francisco José II of Mexico, fictional monarch with a background role in Southern Victory.

Characters known only as José:

José (Eyewear), a cook in "Eyewear".
José (Southern Victory), a dishwasher from Mexico and minor character in Drive to the East.

Characters with the first or middle name José:

Manuel José Acevedo, fictional American serviceman, minor character in The Man With the Iron Heart.
José Maria Castillo, a Mexican soldier and minor character in Drive to the East.
José Gallardo, a historical Cuban-American minor league baseball player appearing in "The Star and the Rockets".
Jose-Diego, a circus performer in Every Inch a King.
José Millán Astray, a historical Spanish soldier who plays a role in The War That Came Early.
José Moscardó Ituarte, a historical Spanish military Governor referenced in Hitler's War.
José Sanjurjo, a historical Spanish general appearing in The War That Came Early.
José Valverde, a fictional Spanish politician and minor character in Opening Atlantis.

Characters with the name Josep, the Catalan form:

Josep, fictional fisherman in "Cayos in the Stream".

Characters with unusual permutations of the name José:

Hozay, a boy from Eestexas in "Secret Names".


Jose's Hayride, play performed in The Grapple.

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