Jesse James
Historical Figure
Nationality: United States (Confederate States, 1861-1865)
Date of Birth: 1847
Date of Death: 1882
Cause of Death: Gunshoot wound
Occupation: Criminal
Spouse: Zeralda Mimms
Professional Affiliations: James-Younger Gang
Turtledove Appearances:
The Valley-Westside War
POD: Unknown
Relevant POD: 1967
Type of Appearance: Posthumous reference
|}Jesse James (September 5, 1847 - April 3, 1882) was an outlaw from Missouri. After riding with the Confederate guerrilla William C. Quantrill during the American Civil War, Jesse, his brother Frank, and variety of other outlaws formed a loose gang that robbed banks, stagecoaches, and trains. James became a legend in his own time, and romantic tales grew of Jesse James robbing from the rich to give to the poor. In fact, the gang kept their loot for themselves, and had no qualms about killing any person.

James was killed when he was shot in the back of the head by Robert Ford.

Jesse James in The Valley-Westside WarEdit

More than a century after the Russian-American War devastated the world in 1967, Jesse James was remembered as a train-robber by the people of the Valley. However, the facts of his life were lost, and his legend was conflated with that of Annie Oakley, whom everyone believed was James' partner. In the history the Valley taught, the pair were finally caught, and James paid the price. Oakley, who was further conflated with the comic strip character "Little Orphan Annie", escaped by marrying Judge Warbucks.[1]