Jenkins is a surname that originated in Cornwall, England, but came to be popular in southern Wales. The name "Jenkin" originally meant "little John" or "son of John".

In the works of Harry Turtledove Jenkins may refer to:

Known only as Jenkins:

Jenkins (Atlantis), fictional sailor, minor character in Opening Atlantis.
Lieutenant Jenkins, fictional Confederate soldier, minor character in Return Engagement.
Master Jenkins, fictional London tailor, minor character in Ruled Britannia.

Surnamed Jenkins:

Constantine Jenkins, fictional American diplomat in The War That Came Early .
Dave Jenkins, fictional car salesman in "Peace is Better"
Fred Jenkins, fictional businessman, minor character in The Two Georges.
Jack Jenkins, fictional Confederate Cavalryman and POV in Fort Pillow.
Matilda Jenkins, minor fictional character in Coup d'Etat.
Thaddeus Jenkins, fictional hotel clerk, minor character in "Must and Shall".
Thomas Jenkins, historical educator referenced in Ruled Britannia.

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