Jefferson originated as a patronymic surname meaning "Geoffrey's son". It has also been used as a given name in the English-speaking world.

Characters with the first name Jefferson:

Jefferson Davis, the historical President of the Confederate States, appearing as a character in The Guns of the South and significantly referenced in "Must and Shall" and Southern Victory.
Jefferson Pinkard, a fictional Confederate military figure and important POV character in Southern Victory.

Characters surnamed Jefferson:

Thomas Jefferson, the historical third President of the United States, referenced in Southern Victory and Joe Steele.
Special Agent Jefferson, a minor character in The Disunited States of America.

Places named Jefferson:

Jefferson (Pacific State), a proposed U.S. state which is the setting of the State of Jefferson Stories.
Jefferson City, Missouri, referenced in Joe Steele.
West Jefferson, Ohio, briefly a setting in Return Engagement.

Things named Jefferson:

Jefferson State Ashland, a university in the State of Jefferson Stories.
State of Jefferson Stories, a series of stories about the eponymous state.

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