Jean-Marie Gantois
Historical Figure
Nationality: France
Date of Birth: 1904
Date of Death: 1968
Occupation: Priest, Publisher, Author of Non-Fiction
Political Party: VVF (Flemish Union of France)
Turtledove Appearances:
"Uncle Alf"
POD: c. 1913
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference

L'Abbé Jean Marie Gantois (21 July 1904 - 28 May 1968) was a Catholic priest and Flemish nationalist from northern France. He wrote treatises encouraging French Flemings to think of themselves as Flemings first and Frenchmen second. During World War II, he supported the German occupation.

Jean-Marie Gantois in "Uncle Alf"Edit

L'Abbé Gantois was a priest in Lille, France. By 1929, he had written several pamphlets encouraging French Flemings to be proud of their Germanic heritage by using Flemish names and speaking the Flemish language rather than the French varieties. Adolf Hitler, a sergeant in the German occupation force in Lille, regarded Gantois' views as excellent.[1]