Fictional Character
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Federation
Occupation: Scientist

Janice was a scientist in the Federation's colony on Reverence. She disdained the members of the Holy Mission Church, deriding them as "Churchies" and holding them and others who eschewed modern technology responsible for holding the whole human race back. Thus, when Victoria Griffin came to Janice with the suggestion that the Federation destroy the vermin that plagued the Haldols, Janice was both surprised and delighted. Janice agreed to put the plan in motion, believing that without the vermin, the Haldols' quality of life would improve, and that they would force out the "Churchies" living in New Zion.

Five years after the Federation exterminated the vermin, it discovered that the vermin were essential to the Haldols' ability to reproduce. The Haldols faced extinction. Enraged, Janice personally visited New Zion, and confronted Victoria Griffin, blaming her for the pending death of the Haldols. Victoria reminded Janice that she'd been quite delighted at the prospect of the Haldols crowding out the Holy Mission Church. Janice dismissed Victoria's points, and left.