Jane Wayneman
Historical Figure
Nationality: England
Date of Birth: 17th century
Date of Death: Unknown
Occupation: Housekeeper
Relatives: Birch, William (brothers)
Professional Affiliations: Staff of Samuel Pepys
Turtledove Appearances:
A Different Flesh
POD: C. 2.5-1.3 million years ago;
Relevant POD: c. 1492
Appearance(s): "And So To Bed"
Type of Appearance: Direct

Jane Wayneman was a housekeeper in the household of Samuel Pepys. There is some confusion about her identity, as all information about her comes from Pepys' Diary, and he was not always diligent about documenting his staff. Moreover, the Pepys household had at least three servants named Jane, and it may be that Wayneman was not Jane's actual surname. It appears that Wayneman was employed by Pepys from January to June, 1660, when she became lame and was replaced by her brother. She appears to have returned to the household in 1662.[1]

Wayneman does not seem to be documented in history outside of the Diary.

Jane Wayneman in A Different FleshEdit

Jane Wayneman begged Pepys to purchase sims to help her with the housework in May 1661. Within a couple of weeks, however, Jane left, claiming Pepys treated the two sims, Tom and Peg, better than he did her. Pepys did not deny it.