Jane is a feminine given name. It is the English form of the Old French name Jehanne (now Jeanne), which was an old feminine form of the male name Johannes or Ioannes (also the source of the English name John). Joan is another name fron the same origin. Jane is the name of a few characters in Harry Turtledove's fiction.

Characters known only as Jane.

Jane (groupie), a minor character in Eruption.
Jane (sim), a female sim at the Terminus Disease Research Center in "Freedom" from A Different Flesh.

Characters with the first name Jane.

Jane Archibald, Australian doctor in the Worldwar series.
Jane Armitage, a POV character in the Days of Infamy series.
Jane Cooley, a minor character in Southern Victory.
Jane Gillen, a minor character in A Different Flesh: Though the Heavens Fall.
Jane Kendall, a landlord in Ruled Britannia.
Jane Russell, a historical American film actress referenced in "News From the Front".
Jane Wayneman, historical domestic servant appearing in "And So To Bed" from A Different Flesh.

Characters with the first name Joan or variants:

Joan (Atlantis), minor character in The United States of Atlantis.
Joanna Wingfield, the kidnapped infant in "Vilest Beast" from A Different Flesh.

Characters with the middle name Jane:

Sarah Jane Spivey, fictional infant, minor character in The House of Daniel.

Characters with the first name Janis:

Janis Ian, writer who provided the catalyst for "Joe Steele (story)"/Joe Steele (novel).

Characters with first name Mary Jane:

Mary Jane Enos, supporting character in Southern Victory.

Characters with the first name Jeanne:

Jeanne Galtier, a Quebecois farm girl in Southern Victory.

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