Jacques is the French form of James, derived from the Hebrew name Jacob. Some other languages have near cognates, including the Estonian Jaak.

Characters known only by the name Jacques:

Jacques (Atlantis), a fisherman and minor character in Opening Atlantis: New Hastings.
Jacques (In High Places), a central POV character in In High Places.
Jacques (Worldwar), minor fictional character in Worldwar.

Characters whose first name is Jacques:

Jacques Carpentier, fictional French cosmologist in "Before the Beginning".
Jacques-Louis David, historical French painter referenced in "Audubon in Atlantis."
Jacques Derrida, historical French philosopher referenced in "Deconstruction Gang".
Jacques Doriot, historical French politician referenced in Colonization: Aftershocks and appearing in "Uncle Alf".
Jacques Fonsagrive, a French soldier in "Ils ne passeront pas".
Jacques Guizot, a French astronaut in "La Différence".
Jacques Soupault, a French lieutenant-colonel and minor character in The War That Came Early: The Big Switch.

Characters whose middle name is Jacques:

John James Audubon, historic hunter and artist, POV of "Audubon in Atlantis", known in the French-speaking world by his birth name Jean-Jacques Audubon.

Jaak is the Estonian form of Jacques/Jacob/James:

Jaak Vilde, a cobbler and minor character in "Hang Together".