"Jackson" is a common surname of English and Scottish origin, literally meaning "son of Jack". People and places bearing the name "Jackson" play a role in many of the works of Harry Turtledove.

People whose last name is Jackson:

Hank Armstrong, historical boxer referenced in Coup d'Etat, was really surnamed Jackson.
Andrew Jackson, historical 7th President of the United States, referenced in a number of Turtledove works.
Ben Jackson, fictional pirate, minor character in Opening Atlantis.
Heber Louis Jackson, minor fictional Mormon character in Walk in Hell.
Lucinda Jackson, fictional secretary in Household Gods.
Robert Jackson, historical Supreme Court of the United States justice who plays a small role in the novel The Man With the Iron Heart.
Lt. Jackson, a minor Confederate character in Drive to the East.
Sec. Jackson, a minor character in "Getting Real".

The Stonewall Jackson family:

General Thomas Jackson, called Stonewall, a historical Confederate general who serves as a POV in How Few Remain.
Mary Anna Morrison Jackson, historical figure, wife of Thomas Jackson, who appears briefly in How Few Remain.
Julia Jackson, the historical daughter of Thomas and Mary Jackson, who makes a brief appearance in How Few Remain.
Jonathan Jackson, the fictional son of Thomas and Mary Jackson, who appears in How Few Remain.

People whose first or middle name is Jackson:

Lowell Thomas, historical broadcaster "heard" in Days of Infamy and The War That Came Early.

Places named Jackson:

Jackson, Mississippi, a city mentioned in the Southern Victory series.
Site of the Jackson Incident which occurred in Southern Victory series.
Jackson, Tennesee, a city mentioned in the novel Fort Pillow.
Jackson, Wyoming, a town that serves as a brief setting in the novel Supervolcano: Eruption.

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