Jack Spivey
Fictional Character
The House of Daniel
Urban Fantasy
Type of Appearance: Direct narrator
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 1910
Occupation: Professional baseball player, formerly a petty criminal
Parents: Clayton and "Ma"
Spouse: Mich Carstairs
Children: Sarah Jane Spivey, one other
Relatives: Charlie Carstairs (brother-in-law)
Sports Team: Enid Eagles;
House of Daniel;
Gardena Galoshes
Professional Affliations: Big Stu's "business"

Jack Spivey (b. February 1910) was a semi-pro baseball player. In 1934, the underemployed Spivey was living in Enid, Oklahoma, trying to scrape by after the Big Bubble burst, when he lucked onto the roster of the barnstorming team, the House of Daniel.