Jack /ˈdʒæk/ is a male given name, although in some cases it can be used as a female given name (a shortened versioned of "Jacqueline" or "Jackie", for example), and sometimes as a surname. In English it is traditionally used as the diminutive form of the given name John, though it is also often given as a proper name in its own right.

Characters with the first name Jack:

Jack Cade, historical English insurrectionist referenced in Opening Atlantis.
Jack Calhoun, minor fictional character in Upsetting the Balance.
Jack Carter, fictional Confederate aristocrat, minor character in In at the Death.
Jack Conway, fictional teacher in "Worlds Enough, and Time".
Jack Cravath, a POV character in "Hoxbomb".
Jack Devereaux, fictional Canadian engineer in Worldwar.
Jack Dunn, historical baseballer referenced in "The House That George Built".
Jack Hadley, fictional U.S. Navy pilot in End of the Beginning.
Jack Hungerford, minor character in Ruled Britannia.
Jack Husak, fictional U.S. soldier, minor character in Drive to the East.
Jack Jenkins, fictional Confederate soldier in Fort Pillow.
Jack London, historical American journalist and novelist referenced in The Gladiator.
Jack Pagliarone, fictional secretary in "Vilcabamba".
Jack the Ripper, mysterious, unknown, serial killer in London in 1888, depicted as a vampire in "Gentlemen of the Shade".
Jack Scholes, fictional British soldier in Last Orders.
Jack Spivey, fictional baseballer, POV of The House of Daniel.
Jack Tompkins, fictional American soldier, minor character in Return Engagement.
Jack Winters, fictional member of LAPD, minor character in All Fall Down.

Characters with the first name Jock, a rarer variant:

Jock (The War That Came Early), fictional British soldier in The War That Came Early.

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