The Iron Cross 1st Class, circa 1914

The Iron Cross was a military decoration of the Kingdom of Prussia, and later of Germany, which was first awarded in 1813, during the Napoleonic Wars. The Iron Cross was awarded during the Franco-Prussian War, World War I, and World War II. It was a highly prestigious award given to those whose service went above and beyond the call of duty.

Iron Cross in Southern VictoryEdit

Colonel Irving Morrell noticed that Heinz Guderian's orderly wore the Iron Cross 1st Class, which suggested that he'd done something remarkable during the Great War. However, the orderly had already been indiscreet with anti-Semitic comments about Ike Horwitz, Morrell's Jewish aide-de-camp, and so Morrell had little reason to like him.

Iron Cross in The War That Came EarlyEdit

While Lt. Hans-Ulrich Rudel was pleased to be awarded the Knight's Cross, he did complain that his tail gunner, Sgt. Albert Dieselhorst, should also get something. Col. Steinbrenner replied that he had a second box with an Iron Cross, First Class for Dieselhorst and asked sarcastically "Does that suit you, your Excellency?" Embarrassed, Ridel mumbled "Yes, sir".[1]


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