Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Bridge of the Separator
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Empire of Videssos
Religion: worshiper of Phos
Occupation: guardsman

Ingeros was an officer of guardsmen in Skopentzana during the reign of Maleinos II. He was a native of the city with grey eyes and light brown hair that suggested a good deal of Halogai blood but was decidedly Videssian by temperament and loyalty.

During the civil war between Maleinos and his grand domestikos Stylianos, the city garrison was recalled to reinforce Maleinos' army but the city eparch Zautzes was allowed to keep his guardsmen. Ingeros' command was strong enough to maintain order in the city but not enough to defend it if attacked by barbarians. Sure enough wandering Khamorth tribesmen threatened the city. Zautzes sent out a party of mages lead by the mage Koubatzes and guarded by Ingeros' command to protect the city by magic rather than the force of arms. The prelate Rhavas accompanied the party as he was a holy man and it was hope would bring Phos' favor.

When the party came across a flock of Khamorthie sheep and protected by several herders, they stopped on the reverse side of a ridge. Ingeros put on a white robe with a matching hood to camouflage himself in the snow and crawled to the top of the hill to observe while the mages cast their spell. After the spell was cast, he saw the shepherds ride off as though they were chased by demons and their sheep scattered. As Ingeros congratulated the mages, one of them felt a counterspell. Soon a great fear filled each of the party and they ran (or galloped if mounted) in whatever direction they faced. Ingeros was the last of the guardsmen to break but he too galloped off. He was one of the few guardsmen to make it back to Skopentzana.

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