Indian Ocean raid
Part of World War II,
Date March 31 - April 10, 1942
Location Indian Ocean and Ceylon
Result Decisive Japanese victory
BritainUnited Kingdom


JapanEmpire of Japan
Commanders and leaders
RoyalNavyJames Somerville Empire of Japan flagChuichi Nagumo
The Indian Ocean Raid was a naval sortie by the Fast Carrier Strike Force of the Imperial Japanese Navy from 31 March to 10 April 1942 against Allied shipping and bases in the Indian Ocean. It was an early engagement of the Pacific campaign of World War II. The Japanese under Chuichi Nagumo compelled the Allied (largely Royal Navy) forces to retreat to East Africa, leaving the Japanese unopposed in the Indian Ocean.

Indian Ocean Raid in Days of Infamy Edit

After Japan successfully conquered the Dutch East Indies, Admiral Chuichi Nagumo took a powerful carrier force into the Indian Ocean with the goal of driving the British out. Due to the conquest of Hawaii, Nagumo was only able to take 3 carriers with him, as some had been allocated to the occupation of Hawaii, but he was still able to inflict enough damage to sink a British Carrier, forcing the Royal Navy onto the defensive.

Although the raid was a great success, many of the commanders in Hawaii didn't care much for the raid as it concerned the Western side of the empire, while they themselves were more interested in the East.

Later, footage of the Raid was shown at the movies in Occupied Hawaii.

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