In High Places  
Author Harry Turtledove
Series Crosstime Traffic
Genre(s) Science fiction, Alternate history
Publisher Tor
Publication date 2006
Preceded by Curious Notions
Followed by The Disunited States of America
In High Places, Tor, 2006, is the third novel in Harry Turtledove's Crosstime Traffic series of alternate history and science fiction. It follows the adventures of Annette Klein, who is traveling through a world in which the 14th century Black Plague wiped out a greater percentage of the European population than in OTL. As a result, Southern Europe is under Muslim rule, and Northern Europe is a relative backwater. Christianity has shifted dramatically thanks to the arrival of "God's Second Son", Henri.

On a journey from the Kingdom of Versailles to Marseille with her parents along with a local named Jacques are captured by slavers and separated from the caravan. The two are taken to an even more primitive alternate by renegade Crosstimers who use the Crosstime technology to run a slaving world.

The novel details Klein's attempts to escape back to her home timeline to unmask the illegal activities.

See alsoEdit

  • God Wills It!, a forthcoming work, set for release in 2017. Turtledove has suggested that Christian Europe is in much the same state as in In High Places, but the Islamic world is much more scientifically enlightened and advanced. The nature of the POD has not been revealed.

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