Ibn Kathir's Steward
Fictional Character
"The Banner of Kaviyan"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct, unnamed
Nationality: Persian in the Arab Caliphate
Date of Birth: 7th century
Occupation: Steward

On his quest to find the Banner of Kaviyan, Shahin spent a night in Shahpur Khwast as the guest of its lord, ibn Kathir. Late that night, he was awakened by a knock at his door and found ibn Kathir's steward standing there. The steward told him someone wished to meet with him privately and escorted him to an unused part of the castle stopping at a closed door. The steward indicated the individual was in that room and then turned his back on the door stating he could now truthfully tell ibn Kathir that he had not seen anyone enter that room. Shahin entered and found Mirud, ibn Kathir's wife, inside.