The IJN Hiryū (Japanese: 飛龍, meaning "flying dragon") was a Modified Sōryū-class aircraft carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy. She was one of the carriers that began the Pacific phase of World War II with the attack on Pearl Harbor. After being heavily damaged by air attacks 4 June 1942 at the Battle of Midway, Hiryu sank on 5 June 1942.

IJN Hiryu in Days of InfamyEdit

The Hiryu was one of six Japanese aircraft carriers that took part in the invasion of Hawaii in December, 1941. After the successful occupation of the islands, the Hiryu and two other carriers returned to Japan for re-fit and deployment in other operations.

Literary CommentEdit

The Hiryu isn't specifically referenced in the pages of Days of Infamy, but there is no reason to think it was not present.

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