Hugo is a medieval German man's name meaning "intelligent". Hugh is a Franco-English derivation. Huey is a diminutive form of Hugh which is also a name in its own right. Ugo is the Italian version. In the works of Harry Turtledove, Hugo et alia may refer to:

Characters named Hugo:

Hugo (Of Mice and Chicks), the late uncle of Lani in "Of Mice and Chicks."
Hugo Black, historical Supreme Court of the United States Justice appearing in The Center Cannot Hold and referenced in Joe Steele.
Hugo Blackledge, fictional Confederate soldier in Settling Accounts.

Characters named Hugh:

Hugh Fenner, fictional master salter in Opening Atlantis.
Hugh Judson Kilpatrick, historical American Civil War General referenced in The Guns of the South.

Characters named Huey:

Huey Long, historical Louisiana political boss appearing in The Victorious Opposition and "Joe Steele (story)"/Joe Steele (novel).
Huey Long's Brothers, two men briefly referenced in The Victorious Opposition. It is ambiguous whether they are historical or fictional.

Characters named Ugo:

Ugo Boncompagni aka Pope Gregory XIII, historical pontiff referenced in Ruled Britannia.

Places and things named Hugo:

Hugo, Alabama, setting for part of In at the Death.
Hugo Award, prestigious science fiction award given to "Down in the Bottomlands". "Must and Shall" and "Forty, Counting Down" were nominated for it.

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