Hrubieszów [xruˈbʲɛʂuf] (Yiddish: הרויעשאוו, Ukrainian: Грубешів Hrubeshiv) is a town in southeastern Poland, with a population of 18,661 (2004). It is the capital of Hrubieszów County. Since 1999 Hrubieszów has been part of Lublin Voivodeship (Polish: województwo lubelskie). Earlier, 1975–98, it had been part of Zamość Province (województwo zamojskie). Prior to 1919, it was part of the Russian Empire.

Hrubieszów in WorldwarEdit

Hrubieszów was occupied by the Race during their invasion in 1942. A group of partisans, mostly Poles but some Jews as well, took up residence in the woods outside the town.

In 1944, Soviet pilot Ludmila Gorbunova agreed to fly supplies to the partisans for the Germans. She wound up stranded there for a time when her plane was damaged.

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