Fictional Character
POD: May 30, 1942
Appearance(s): Aftershocks
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: The Race
Nationality: Male of the Race
Religion: Emperor-worship
Occupation: Intelligence officer

Hozzanet was an officer in the Race's Intelligence. He was stationed in Peenemünde following the Race-German War of 1965 to help oversee the disarmament of Germany.[1] Gorppet met with Hozzanet to discuss his concerns that the Germans were not honoring the disarmament measures to which they had agreed. Hozzanet shared Gorppet's concerns and was impressed by the infantrymale's shrewdness. Upon learning that Gorppet was responsible for the capture of Ruhollah Khomeini, Hozzanet offered him a position in the Intelligence service. Gorppet accepted after subtly inquiring as to whether his ginger addiction would be a hindrance to his career path in that service. Speaking in purely hypothetical terms, Hozzanet advised Gorppet that discrete ginger tasting would be tolerated, but that other behaviors, such as feeding ginger to females to induce mating would not.[2] Hozzanet would remind Gorppet of that advice when Gorppet was arrested in connection with Rance Auerbach's ginger smuggling operations in South Africa.

When Mordechai Anielewicz informed Gorppet that an explosive-metal bomb that had been held by Jewish partisans since 1944 had gone missing during the war with Germany, Hozzanet was the senior officer responsible for the bomb's recovery.[3] When he learned that a group of Jewish fundamentalists had captured the bomb and barricaded themselves in a house in Kanth, he agreed to allow Gorppet to negotiate (reluctantly, as Anielewicz had also previously attempted to negotiate and was taken hostage), but he appreciated that Gorppet was also trying to avoid the severe consequences of his ginger-smuggling.[4]

The negotiations were extremely tense. The Jews who had the bomb saw vengeance against the Nazis as a viable end in and of itself. The German government was determined to prevent the detonation of the bomb, but held the Race responsible for allowing Anielewicz to keep the bomb in the first place. When Johannes Drucker, representing the German government, announced plans to raid the house, and that if the raid failed, the German government might actually initiate further war with the Race, Hozzanet forbade any German attempt to retrieve the bomb.[5]

Happily, the issue was resolved without bloodshed as the bomb had not been properly maintained and could not be detonated.


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