Fictional Character
"Secret Names"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Tribe of Eestexas
Relatives: Neena (sister)

Hozay was a young boy in a tribe of hunter-gathers in Eestexas and his parents were close kin of its chief, Ralf. He had an older sister Neena.

One day when Madyu, the tribe's shaman, left his tent after performing hunting magic, he encountered Hozay. Hozay squealed in joy and showed Madyu a gap in his smile where a tooth had fallen out. When Madyu asked what the tooth fairy had given him, Hozay displayed two good iron arrowheads. He then dashed off shouting after his friends.

Madyu went for a cooling swim in the creek as he waited for the hunting party to return. While he was swimming, Hozay and his friends snuck up and stole his linen shirt and buckskin leggings. They didn't push things too far but left Madyu's clothes by his tent. This way, while he was wet and angry and had to walk past the womenfolk naked, he was not provoked enough to go after them with a switch.

A few days later, Madyu again performed hunting magic. He had made promises that he wasn't sure he could keep so he remained in his tent after he had finished. Hozay, as little boys will, began, along with his friends, mocking Madyu by chanting "Madyu don't dare show his face, show his face, show his face, ...!" They kept it up for a good part of the afternoon.

Finally Hozay became bored but instead of going away, he began a new chant: "Neena says Madyu's too skinny"! This lead to immediate results with Madyu bursting out of his tent and chasing Hozay. Fortunately, he failed to catch him and eventually gave up, being too winded to continue. Hozay stopped almost at the same time but because he heard the hunting party returning.

Unfortunately for Hozay, the hunt was a great success and Madyu was heralded as a great wizard. To Hozay's disgust, Neena threw herself into Madyu's arms and gave him a kiss. To his even greater distaste, Madyu returned the kiss.